Discuss  IT technology and gadgets with Bart Leurs

  15:30 uur
  Croeselaan, Utrecht
  Business Change commissie

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Are you crazy about IT technology and gadgets? Would you trust Alexa/Google Home to pay your bills? Does installing a chip in your body excite you or maybe terrify you?

Well, if these questions make your heart go faster, then this is the event for you! During this event organized by the Klankbordcommissie, we will together with Bart Leurs discuss anything digital that has an ultimate link to our end consumers – be it about ApplePay, circular economy, smart farming, you name it. However, this event comes with a twist. Instead of traditionally Bart sharing his vision on our and Rabobank’s digital future, we will share our Jong Rabo vision of our digital future by introducing to Bart what we think are the gadgets/innovations/digital features of the future. And not only that, we will also be questioning the purpose of all these digital things through linking them to our global strategy of “Growing a better world together”.


Why this topic? Well, Bart often talks about the digital features/innovations/gadgets during events, and even on his LinkedIn he proudly shares the latest digital developments of our bank and our products. Being young, born digital and the “klankbordcommissie”, we thought, why not pick his mind a bit on these topics?


What is the set-up of the session(s)?
The session will be split in two. The first session is a preparation session where each participants shares a demo (physical, video, drawing, concept, etc.) what he/she thinks is the coolest digital gadget/feature/innovation out there! Then, as a group, we pick out 3 of the best gadgets/features/innovations that will be showcased to Bart during the real session. Note: you will have to prepare for the preparation session, real Rabobank style.

The second session is the “real” session. We will then, on December 10th at 15:30-17:00, sit with Bart and during this share our top 3 digital gadgets/features/innovations. Subsequently, we will engage in a discussion what these innovations mean for the end customer, and ultimately, what they mean for “Growing a better world together”. The session will be facilitated by the Klankbordcommissie, so all you need to bring is your most creative self J Afterwards, we will enjoy some drinks and snacks and continue our discussions in the most informal sense possible.

Then sign up with a  marvellous motivation! Mention why you want to be there with a genuine question that absolutely must not be missed during this event. We have experienced that these kinds of meetings are quickly full due to the limited number of participants. For this reason, we will make a reasonable determination amongst the registered members. You will receive a separate conformation (this is not the automatic generated mail), whether you have been selected or not. Thank you for your understanding!

Aanvang: dinsdag 10 december 2019 om 15:30
Organiserende commissie Business Change commissie
Inschrijven vanaf: vrijdag 1 november 2019 om 12:00
Inschrijven t/m: zondag 1 december 2019 om 12:00

Croeselaan - Croeselaan 18, Utrecht

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