Knowledge session: Ethics of Banking

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  Croeselaan Utrecht,

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Guidelines or compass

Just as for us personally it is pretty clear for companies and for our bank what we may do and what we may not. However, in between the two there is a grey area where we need our moral compass to decide which actions and measures are (in-)appropriate, and even which behavior will be experienced as such within our environment. This implies that it is impossible to design a simple set of guidelines to determine our banking ethics for all possible situations. Instead we need to maintain an open line for discussion with the stakeholders inside and outside Rabobank to evaluate situations that we encounter.

What are we going to do?

How are the ethical standards of Rabobank determined and protected and how can we effectively maintain our morals while at the same time we encourage a strong drive to optimize business opportunities and profitability ?

We discuss examples for which it may not immediately be clear how to act wrong or right. These examples go beyond (mis-)use of customer profiles for commercial offerings, and include cases such as prediction of life changing events (pregnancy, divorces, illness or worse) and helping our customers to timely take appropriate measures to protect themselves and their families against their evil consequences.

Who?    Stefan Louwers, ethics consultant, and Martin Leijen, product manager data analytics
When?  Wednesday January 30st from 12.00 till 14.00 hrs.
Where? The session will take place at Rabobank, Croeselaan in Utrecht
Notice   This is a Brown Bag session, where you bring your own lunch

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