Jong Rabo

Jong Rabo is a self-governing organisation with the primary goal to stimulate integration amongst young and entrepreneurial employees under the age of 36 of all divisions of the Rabobank Group. This goal is achieved by a wide variety of events and activities which allows members from different parts of the Rabobank Group to interact.

What do we organise for our members?

  • Lunches with interesting and appealing people from within the Rabobank Group
  • yearly Jong Rabo Conference which always hosts an interesting topic/theme
  • Study trip abroad
  • Company visits
  • workshops with a sustainable touch
  • workshops with a Human Resources theme

Besides this, regional activities are organised as well as participation in ICA-events.

If you want more information about Jong Rabo please send an e-mail to

At this moment Jong Rabo consist of mainly Dutch speaking members but we welcome your ideas for an international section.

"Mijn lidmaatschap bij Jong Rabo was een bijzonder grote meerwaarde in mijn Rabobankcarrière.
De door mij gevolgde activiteiten bij Jong Rabo waren altijd energizing”

Femke Oude Geerdink – Voormalig Commissielid Jong Rabo