The day to day management of Jong Rabo is taken out by six young colleagues who work throughout Rabobank. The board members are the connecting factor between Rabobank Group, the committees, members and external parties.

Seline de Groot – Chairman

Seline is the voice of our association within Rabobank. With her passion for Jong Rabo, she ensures that we continue to stand up for the young employees within our bank. She is also responsible for the achievement of our annual goals within the board and the further professionalization of the association. The final goal? How do we position ourselves in a way that we as Jong Rabo can make an impact?

Sasja van Ravens – Secretary

As secretary Sasja is the right hand of the board. She supervises the boards annual goals, its current activities and relevant obligations. With her enthusiasm for the association, Sasja is the perfect person to be the first point of contact within the board for interested, new and existing members.

Paul Dijkstra – Treasurer

Paul is responsible for the finances of Jong Rabo, which is possible thanks to the support of the management board of Rabobank Group. He oversees the contribution of our members and distributes this throughout the association. In this way it remains possible to consistently offer activities to all new and existing members.

Moniek Schoenmaker – Activity coordinator

As the activity coordinator within the board, Moniek is responsible for the awesome and inspiring activities that Jong Rabo organizes. We stimulate a broad spectrum of activities throughout the year, throughout the country and accessible and valuable for all Jong Rabo members. She also takes care of recruitment of and connection to our active members. Her ultimate goal is to optimally support, challenge and connect the committees so they can organize great activities.

Jessica White – Communications

Communication is crucial for the atmosphere, professionalization and involvement within the association. Creativity and innovation is needed, now and in the future, to ensure the consistent professionalization and positioning of our association within Rabobank. For everything surrounding our brand, communications and marketing you can ask Jessica.

Karin Hereijgers – External Relations


As the board member responsible for external relations, Karin represents Jong Rabo within and outside of Rabobank. She keeps the existing contact with our partners, and reaches out to possible new partners and companies. Our goal with new partnerships is to share knowledge, both from within and outside of the financial sector. Do you want to collaborate with Jong Rabo or be brought into contact with other companies and youth organizations? Then contact Karin!