All of our activities are organised by our active committee members. These are enthusiastic volunteers, divided over several committees. Check out the different committees, what they do and who’s a part of each committee on this page.

Are you enthusiastic about Jong Rabo, and are you interested in actively taking part in one of our committees? Feel free to contact Moniek Schoenmaker, Board member activity coordinator, via Moniek.Schoenmaker@rabobank.com

GROW! Committee

The GROW!-committee organises a minimum of 6 activities annually, for a minimum of 300 members where personal development is central. Workshops and lectures are key to enhancing personal development, through hard and soft skills, and give direction to different career opportunities.

The GROW! Committee consists of:

  • Lisette Slaats
  • Matthijs Ruijzenaars
  • Kim Mulder
  • Laura Vermeulen
  • Ylona Mak

Contact: hr@jongrabo.nl

Tech Committee

The Tech committee organises at least 5 activities annually, for a minimum of 200 members. These activities have the goal of familiarizing our members with new innovations. After these activities our members are inspired to start incorporating innovation into their daily work.

The Tech Committee consists of:

  • Renate Oostra
  • Martijn Wiertz
  • John Frederiks
  • Bianca Smeets

Contact: innovatie@jongrabo.nl

Sport Committee

The Sport Committee organizes at least 6 activities annually (preferably with Rabobank clients or partners), for at least 300 members. These activities connect Jong Rabo members with each other, and the association, whilst offering the opportunity to try out various sports.

The Sport Committee consists of:

  • Myrna van Lente
  • Maarten Winkelhorst
  • Sarah de Recht
  • John Smorenburg
  • Jacco Zwanepol

Contact: sport@jongrabo.nl

Field trip Committee

The Field trip Committee organizes an annual trip in the autumn period. The group travels to a different country where Rabobank is situated. The trip focuses on personal development, networking, getting to know the culture of a new country and the impact Rabobank is making there, whilst the group themselves exchange their knowledge and expertise to the international Rabobank office and its customers. In 2018 the members of the field trip visited the Rabobank office in Canada; this year’s location is yet unknown!

The Field trip Committee consists of:

  • Anouk Schaap
  • Lauren Stovers
  • Dorien ter Linden
  • Rik Verhoeven
  • Mike van Bussel

Contact: studiereis@jongrabo.nl

Congress Committee

The Congress Committee organises one large event for 200 members in the spring period; thé Jong Rabo Congress. The Congress revolves around one central theme for that year, whilst connecting to Jong Rabo’s core values. During the Congress you can expect different speakers, workshops and activities. The General Assembly (ALV) also takes place, prior to the Congress. An interesting note: The Congress Committee of the current year, organises the Congress of the year following.

The Congress Committee consists of:

  • Chantalle Stottelaar
  • Jip-Joris van Kempen
  • Lieke van Stiphout
  • Max van Haastrecht

Contact: congres@jongrabo.nl

FLAIRS Committee

In collaboration with eight young associations from ABN Amro, ING, Volksbank and Van Lanschot, this Committee organises one major event in the winter period: FLAIRS. This annual event is unique due to the collaborations between banks, where sharing knowledge and networking is combined with current themes and inspiring speakers from within and outside of the financial sector.

Read more about FLAIRS on www.flairs.nl

The FLAIRS Committee consists of:

  • Ruben Postma
  • Michel van Amstel

Contact: flairs@jongrabo.nl

Marketing- and Communications Committee

The Marketing and Communications Committee is a sparring partner for other committees and the board on all topics surrounding communication within and ouside of Jong Rabo. The committee coordinaties, directs, supervises and distributes communication from the association. This communication takes place on our website, through our monthly newsletter and the social media channels; Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and Yammer.

The Marketing- and Communications Committee consists of:

  • Lilian Brave
  • Hessel Gietema
  • Rianne Bouma
  • Liza Hanson
  • Tessa van Barneveld
  • Aron Goor
  • Xavier Jie-A-Looi
  • Kirsten van Heiningen

Contact: communicatie@jongrabo.nl

Audit Committee

The Audit Committee continuously checks the accuracy of the accounting and compliance with internal regulations of Jong Rabo, and the duties of the treasurer. They conduct an annual review of our accounts. They are therefore able to ensure that the membership fees are in good hands and are being spent correctly.

The Audit Committee consists of:

  • Karin van Tongerlo
  • Kimberly Schelle

Contact: kascontrole@jongrabo.nl

Think Tank Committee

The Think Tank was a new committee in 2018, set up to react to the increasing demand for Jong Rabo to share its vision and opinion on various topics within the organisation. Current issues within the organisation are sent to the Think Tank to be discussed and gives Jong Rabo members the ability to contribute their ideas to the organisation. These discussions lead to Jong Rabo offering a substantial impact on issues within Rabobank, allowing the voice of young professionals to be heard.

The Think Tank Committee consists of:

  • Charlotte Brakshoofden
  • Mariëla Romkes
  • Britt van den Bogaert
  • Maryna Roeleveld

Contact: denktank@jongrabo.nl

Sounding board Committee

The Sounding board Committee organizes, together with the board, sounding board sessions with management members of Rabobank that focus on specific topics within the organization. This is another form of Jong Rabo members giving their opinion at the highest levels of the organization, where the vision of young professionals of Rabobank are highly appreciated. In addition to this, activities are organized with a personal interest focus from the management board, in order to continue the good relationship with these managers and Jong Rabo.

The Sounding board Committee consists of:

  • Saulo Verheezen
  • Max Drenth
  • Marta Radinovic Lukic
  • Sophie van 't Klooster
  • Armand Pennenburg

Contact: secretaris@jongrabo.nl