All of our activities are organised by our active committee members. These are enthusiastic volunteers, divided over several committees. Check out the different committees, what they do and who’s a part of each committee on this page.

Are you enthusiastic about Jong Rabo, and are you interested in actively taking part in one of our committees? Feel free to contact Moniek Schoenmaker, Board member activity coordinator, via Moniek.Schoenmaker@rabobank.com

GROW! Committee

Personal development of our members lies within the core of Jong Rabo. The Grow! Committee organizes exciting activities which contribute to soft- and hardskills of our members and inspires them to best version of themselves. Within the Grow Committee, committee members work closely together. It’s not ‘I make you better’ but ‘we make each other better’! We care for each other’s personal development and we give room for your strengths.

The GROW! Committee consists of:

  • Dimitrios-Marios Vaporidis
  • Joost van der Eijk
  • Laura Bothmer
  • Ilse Ronteltap
  • Wouter van Tongeren

Contact: hr@jongrabo.nl

Innovation Committee

The environment in which Rabobank operates is changing at a high speed and with an increasing pace. Do you want to ensure that under these changed circumstances, Rabobank remains relevant in the financial sector? And how? Register now for the Innovation committee. The purpose of the Tech committee is to introduce and inspire Jong Rabo members with innovative ideas that are relevant to our sector; we seek to connect with initiatives outside our sector and prepare Jong Rabo members for the future.

The Innovation Committee consists of:

  • Sjors Latour
  • Elvira Audrey Coenraad
  • Thom Stokman
  • Nick van Nispen

Contact: innovatie@jongrabo.nl

Sport Committee

Every year the sports committee brings the athletic side out of its members. Sports is the perfect way to meet each other informally, it connects and on top of that, it contributes to personal development and vitality. Every year, the Sports committee introduces members to new or less-known sports and we inspire members with activities about health and vitality.

The Sport Committee consists of:

  • Lisette Slaats
  • Jannah van den Berg
  • Emma Carpay
  • Moniek Neijnens
  • Laura Zijlstra
  • Thomas van Gaal

Contact: Lisette.Slaats@rabobank.nl

Research Trip Committee

Every year, the Research Trip Committee organizes one of the most amazing trips you and your Rabobank colleagues can take. The trip focuses on personal development, networking, and getting to know the impact Rabobank makes around the world. The coming year we will be highly dependend on current circumstances in the world, but as last year's digital tour around the world showed us, you don’t need to travel far to show Jong Rabo the world and more from Rabobank!

The Research Trip Committee consists of:

  • Noortje Kerstens
  • Kim Mulder
  • Susan van den Berg
  • Suzanne Veltman
  • Dasha Vydmysh

Contact: studiereis@jongrabo.nl

Congress Committee

The Congress Committee organises one large event for 200 members in the spring period; thé Jong Rabo Congress. The Congress revolves around one central theme for that year, whilst connecting to Jong Rabo’s core values. During the Congress you can expect different speakers, workshops and activities. The General Assembly (ALV) also takes place, prior to the Congress. An interesting note: The Congress Committee of the current year, organises the Congress of the year following.

The Congress Committee consists of:

  • Anouk Anouk Beijaard Beijaard
  • David Huijzer
  • Yasmine Alahyane
  • Frank van Ingen
  • Laura Arango Eusse
  • Eline Sijbesma

Contact: congres@jongrabo.nl

FLAIRS Committee

In collaboration with eight young associations from ABN Amro, ING, Volksbank and Van Lanschot, this Committee organises one major event in the winter period: FLAIRS. This annual event is unique due to the collaborations between banks, where sharing knowledge and networking is combined with current themes and inspiring speakers from within and outside of the financial sector.

Read more about FLAIRS on www.flairs.nl

The FLAIRS Committee consists of:

  • Job van Merode

Contact: flairs@jongrabo.nl

Marketing- and Communications Committee

The Marketing and Communications Committee does everything around branding, promotion and social media for Jong Rabo. The MarCom committee are our “the communication experts” for one or several Jong Rabo committees. They ensure all our members are up to date about our amazing activities through social media, make sure our website is up to date and help spread the word about Jong Rabo throughout all of Rabobank by organizing exciting promotional activities.

The Marketing- and Communications Committee consists of:

  • Tessa van Barneveld
  • Kirsten van Heiningen
  • Simone van der Made
  • Femke Hansen
  • Patrick Gerritsen

Contact: fm.nl.marcom.jongrabo@rabobank.nl

Audit Committee

The Audit Committee continuously checks the accuracy of the accounting and compliance with internal regulations of Jong Rabo, and the duties of the treasurer. They conduct an annual review of our accounts. They are therefore able to ensure that the membership fees are in good hands and are being spent correctly.

The Audit Committee consists of:

  • Karin van Tongerlo
  • Olaf Gremmen

Contact: kascontrole@jongrabo.nl

Panel Committee

The panel committee was a new committee in 2018, set up to react to the increasing demand for Jong Rabo to share its vision and opinion on various topics within the organisation. Current issues within the organisation are sent to the panel committee so they can organize brainstorm sessions, surveys and research what our members really think and feel! Themes that we'll be seeing more of in 2021 are Future of Work (how do we as young professionals feel about working from home long-term?), The coöperative Rabobank (what is the coöperative Rabobank?) and Safety and Inclusion. With help from the Panel Committee Jong Rabo and it's members can share their opinions on the most important topics and themes at this moment!

The Panel Committee consists of:

  • Bram Baarslag
  • Marise Termeulen
  • Carola Servaas
  • Emily Zwaanenburg

Contact: denktank@jongrabo.nl

Business change committee

The Business change committee organizes, together with the board, discussions with the top management of Rabobank that focus on specific topics that are happening within the bank at this very moment. This allows Jong Rabo to share their opinions on the most important themes within Rabobank at the highest level! And not just a discussion but to challenge the leadership of Rabobank on big topics such as Sustainability, Millenial Issues or current events within Rabobank and the world around us.

The Business change committee consists of:

  • Sophie van 't Klooster
  • Saranne Bron
  • Justice Obilor
  • Chelsea Wooter

Contact: secretaris@jongrabo.nl

Social Impact Committee

The Social Impact Committee is a relatively new committee within Jong Rabo. Within the Social Impact Committee we focus on activities with a social theme. Think about volunteering or contributing to projects in local communities and society. This year we gave Dutch lessons to newcomers, we sent postcards to lonely elders during lockdown and we worked on our debating skills during a heated debate on tricky social topics.

The Social Impact Committee consists of:

  • Berbel Pietersma
  • Floor Aarnoutse
  • Lisa van der Spek
  • Marle Verzaal

Contact: secretaris@jongrabo.nl