To ensure that activities match the wishes of our members and contribute to our mission and vision, Jong Rabo regularly seeks cooperation with other youth associations or external parties. Through these partners we enable members to build a network outside of Rabobank. There are a number of permanent partners that fit within the ambitions Jong Rabo have. These partners offer a platform where our members are given the opportunity to develop themselves and to voice their opinion. Activities are regularly organized with our partners.

Trade union for professionals (VCP)

Jong Rabo began their partnership with VCP in 2016. This allows our members to expand their horizons and voice their opinion on topics for the entire country. Members can attend VCP activities and influence national socio-economic themes and projects. VCP also helps Jong Rabo in its professionalization.

Website VCP

InterCompany Association (ICA)

ICA is the overall network association for young professionals in the Netherlands. The activities organized by ICA aim to stimulate personal development, knowledge expansion and networking. These activities are an addition to those offered by Jong Rabo and are alternately hosted by one of the youth associations affiliated with ICA.

Website ICA


FLAIRS is a foundation that organizes a large event once a year for the members of the youth associations of Van Lanschot, ABN AMRO, ING, Rabobank and SNS. The goal of FLAIRS is to bring young professionals from the financial sector together, to inspire each other and to build a network of banking professionals.

Website FLAIRS

Ethics committee

In 1998, the Rabobank Group established the Ethics Committee. Every employee within the Rabobank Group who faces an ethical dilemma can call on the Ethics Office. The Committee considers it important to involve the Jong Rabo generation in its case studies and decision-making, so there will always be a Jong Rabo members (usually a board member) within the Ethics Committee.

Website Commissie Ethiek Rabobank