In 1996 Jan Kees Prins and Pim Jansen of Rabobank International came into contact with several young colleague associations from other financial establishments. What they realised was that this important association was non-existent by Rabobank, and so decided to start a young colleague association themselves. And so, the first foundations for Jong Rabo were set!

Finally, after many meetings, a go was given to bring our association to life. The first official meeting ‘Future through teamwork’ took place on Thursday October 16th, 1997. During this meeting, the then chairman of Rabobank Group, Mr H.H.F. Wijfels, was a part of the encaptivated audience. And thus, Jong Rabo was born!

Next Steps

In the years that followed the board and (active) members, through their hard work and enthusiasm, ensured that Jong Rabo grew into the professional association, with more than 1300 members and impact throughout the organization, that we know today. Due to the growing alumni population, Jong Rabo has, next to its current members, a large amount of support throughout Rabobank.