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Author: Jessica White, Board

Want to enrich your network, CV and life? Then sign up now as a committee member at Jong Rabo!

Would you like to join Jong Rabo as a committee member or chairman? Read the following, send your application via this app before November 1st, and reserve Thursday evening December 1st in your calendar. During this evening we will kick off the 2023 association year!

What will I do in a committee?

In a committee you think up and organize fun, educational and inspiring activities for Jong Rabo members. Think of company visits, workshops, drinks, networking sessions, lectures, sounding board sessions with Managing Board members, sports activities and cool trips. Every year there is a range of activities that you organize together with your committee members. In some committees, you work toward one event instead of multiple activities. Like organizing the annual conference, the inter-bank event FLAIRS or the study trip. Next year you will organize a good mix of Dutch and English speaking activities and online and physical activities. In some committees you will make a real impact by working on, for example, the strategic key themes, promotion or marketing and communication of Jong Rabo. In a committee year you learn a lot by doing and working together and you expand your network enormously. In special events like these, we appeal to everyone's capacity for change and creativity. Together we take on this wonderful adventure and make it a successful year!

Want to read more about the different committees? Read it in the app! Or scroll down this page to read more!

What is expected of me?

  • As a committee member we expect you and your committee members to show energy and commitment to make it a cool year with vibrant activities.
  • As chairman, you are the coach of the committee. Ensuring a good team spirit and cooperation is very important. Together with your committee you bring activities from start to finish to a success.

What do I get in return?

  • The opportunity to develop yourself within the safe environment of Jong Rabo, to work on your learning goals and the possibility to discover and practice (new) skills.

  • An instructive and above all beautiful experience. A valuable addition to your resume and a good way to increase your involvement with Rabobank across the board.

  • A great addition to your (business) network. Jong Rabo is truly 'One Rabo'. You work with motivated people from all organizational units.

  • You actively contribute to a valuable network of young employees within Rabobank and ensure that they stay connected, work on personal development and dare to share their opinions on relevant topics.

And what's next?

After you have applied to be a committee member or chairman, you will receive an email from the board after November 14th whether you managed to secure a spot.

Do you have a question about your application, the application procedure or would you like to spar about the possibilities of actively contributing to Jong Rabo? Then contact Ylona Mak (

Committees 2023

Branding Committee

The branding committee is much more than just marketing and communications! We are looking for creative people as well as true Jong Rabo ambassadors. Besides maintaining the website, socials and newsletters, we are looking for enthusiasts who want to promote Jong Rabo. The branding committee organizes a promo week and lunches for new members. You will also help us think about how to make the Young Rabo workplace even cooler and more distinctive than the traditional office environment. Not a fluent pen but a smooth talker? All skills are welcome in this committee!


FLAIRS is the largest annual interbank conference in the Netherlands, where young and ambitious bankers share their ideas about the financial sector through stimulating workshops, presentations and inspiring panel discussions. As a FLAIRS committee member, you and another Jong Rabo member will also take a seat on an intercompany committee. Would you like to make FLAIRS 2023 a success and expand your network within the financial sector? Then we are looking for you!

GROW! Committee

Within Jong Rabo, personal development of our members is key. The GROW! Committee provides stimulating activities that contribute to the development of soft and hard skills of our members and inspire them to get the best out of themselves. This may include training sessions, workshops or inspiring speakers. A part of the committee year is the successful GROW! weekend, in which during a weekend away with a group of young professionals we make not only ourselves but also each other better. 

Meet Your Company Committee

Did you know that Rabobank employs its own historian? And its own in-house poet? No. There are many other departments like that that are less well known within the bank. Meet your Company will show you! As a committee member, you organize sessions with Managing Board members or other leading colleagues through which our members get to know Rabobank well and expand their network in different departments. 

Regional Committee

Would you like to organize cool company visits or excursions in a specific region? Then a regional committee is for you! Because Jong Rabo is for everyone, from Friesland to Zeeland. Besides company visits, you are free to organize events, which can also be networking activities around our cooperative character. Each regional committee consists of about 4 members, depending on the applications it can be a regional committee North, East, South and West or perhaps a regional committee North, Central and South.

Afterwork Committee

A brand new committee! If we've learned anything from the past two years, it's: grab what you can grab outside lockdown. Our Corrie can come out surprising, so we won't let this one take away from us. We are looking for committee members who dare to start a legendary new tradition within Jong Rabo, namely frequent drinks or social activities across the country. Be inspired by (Heineken) Rabobank Afterwork or an annual pub quiz league ;). In addition even more gold in the hands of this committee, it is up to you to organize the annual benefit, the committee day and evening. Jetzt geht's los! 

Sports Committee 

Each year the sports committee tries to get our members off their office chairs. Sport is the perfect way to get to know each other better informally! As a committee member you help organize sports activities! Think of the annual Jong Rabo Ski Trip, the phenomenal sailing weekend, activities related to nutrition and minfullness, and injury-sensitive events to be determined. 

Research trip Committee 

Every year, the Research Trip Committee organizes one of the best trips you can take with your Jong Rabo colleagues. With a committee of 5 people, you determine the goal of the trip and work out a cool destination with a corresponding theme. We have previously traveled to Canada, Kenya, Argentina and St. Louis America. In 2023 we will once again pack our bags. You organize this unforgettable trip for 40 Young Rabo members and ensure an inspiring program, a challenging theme, a stimulating personal development program and fun activities.

Sustainability & Innovation committee 

To remain distinctive and future-proof as a bank, we are fully committed to sustainability and innovation. The purpose of the Innovation & Sustainability Committee is to introduce Jong Rabo members to these themes around the three transitions we face as a bank; The climate and energy transition, the food transition and the transition to an inclusive society. We learn from initiatives within the bank as well as from businesses, customers and partners to inform and inspire our members.  

Video maker

Are you glued to your phone, do you post everything on insta, or spend hours on a new tiktok video? Then we have the committee for you! We would like more photo and video material of our activities to show everyone what we do at Jong Rabo! We are looking for 1 to 2 committee members who (with their own camera) want to help us out! 

Congress 2023/24

 The vacancy for the Congress Committee 2024 will open after the 2023 Congress. 


Sign up on this app before November 1st, and hopefully we will see you soon!

Applications for Jong Rabo committees 2023 now open!