GROW your Diversity and Inclusion

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  • Diversity
  • inclusion
  • respect
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Strength lies in differences, not in similarities - Stephen R. Covey

In a few words, this quote conveys a large message. Research shows that diverse teams perform better than homogeneous teams in the long run.

Differences in abilities, thoughts, education, religions, personalities and ideologies constitute a powerful society with wide variety because of one thing:

Based on our differences, we tend to have extremely different perspectives. This concept means that together we can see each single aspect of the world.

Come together with other Jong Rabo members and explore what Diversity & Inclusion means to you and your colleagues.

This is what you can expect during the event:

  • Introduction to Diversity & Inclusion
  • Personal stories
  • Break-out session sharing your own perspectives and thoughts.
  • To be inspired to create an inclusive work environment

Aanvang: woensdag 24 februari 2021 om 12:00
Organiserende commissie GROW!-commissie
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“Iedereen heeft een netwerk nodig om je door het leven te brengen. Jong Rabo is niet alleen een netwerk waar je leert, maar waar je ook een toekomst opbouwt. Hier heb je voor de rest van je leven wat aan, zowel tijdens als na je Rabobankcarrière.”

Berry Marttin - lid raad van bestuur Rabobank