JongRabo Ghost Tour

  17:30 uur
  PK Bar & Kitchen, Utrecht

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Organisatie thema Netwerken

Once upon a time Utrecht was known as a place full of ghosts, witches and demons. To find out if these gruesome stories are real, we have planned the JongRabo Ghost Tour. Are you in for a scary evening the 27th of October? Or are you too frightened to join this creepy Ghost Tour?

To fatten up your bodies before you will be eaten by the eerie man eating cannibals, we will have a 3-course dinner at PK Bar & Kitchen at 5.30 pm in Utrecht. And for the people who will be back alive from the tour, you will finish at 21.30 pm.


Start dinner: 17:30h at PK Bar & Kitchen, Oudegracht 101 Utrecht - No costs for you, because WE PAY

Start tour: 20:00h

Finish tour: 21.30h

Aanvang: woensdag 27 oktober 2021 om 17:30
Organiserende commissie Sportcommissie
Inschrijven vanaf: woensdag 8 september 2021 om 12:00
Inschrijven t/m: woensdag 20 oktober 2021 om 12:00

PK Bar & Kitchen - Oudegracht 101, 3511 AE Utrecht

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“Jong Rabo is zo lekker één!”

Eric Saris – Directeur Organisatieontwikkeling, Performance & Strategie