Deep Dive into tokenization - Session 2

  16:00 uur
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  • English

If you follow the session on the 4th of March about Blockchain and Tokenization, you might be triggered to learn more about tokens.

In this deep dive session we will introduce to you:


  • How tokens are created
  • How you can make use of tokens in a wallet
  • Explore a wallet with tokens yourself
  • Applying this knowledge into a real world example
  • Questions


NOTE: it is mandatory to join the first session if you want to join this session.

Aanvang: donderdag 11 maart 2021 om 16:00
Organiserende commissie Innovatiecommissie
Inschrijven vanaf: woensdag 3 februari 2021 om 12:00
Inschrijven t/m: donderdag 11 maart 2021 om 15:30

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