Money Money Money: It’s a rich man’s world

  17:30 uur
  Regiocommissie Zuid-West


Did you just have your GROW wrap-up? Satisfied with the results? Did you get the wage increase you aimed for?

Needless to say, your wage is a sensitive topic. And not only to you as an employee, but also to the society as a whole. And more specifically, wages in the financial sector have come under increased scrutiny since the financial crisis.


So why are wages in the financial sector so controversial? And does the way we reward people in the financial sector lead to productive, happy employees? What other factors drive people to do their job well? How should the financial sector and society relate to each other on this subject?


These are just a number of topics that we would like to discuss during this event about money. We have invited Dr. Kilian Wawoe, an expert on bonuses and rewards and organizational psychologist at the Free University of Amsterdam, to share his thoughts on the matter during this interactive session. We welcome everyone to contribute and to share his or her idea’s on this controversial topic.

Aanvang: dinsdag 15 december 2020 om 17:30
Organiserende commissie Regiocommissie Zuid-West
Inschrijven vanaf: donderdag 3 december 2020 om 01:00
Inschrijven t/m: maandag 14 december 2020 om 12:00

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