Research Trip 2020: Corporate Retreat (Cancelled)

  10:00 uur
  Kloosterhotel ZIN, Vught

  • Research Trip
  • Personal Development
  • 24 Hours Trip
Netwerken Persoonlijke ontwikkeling Teambuilding

For all of you who attended the 'Digital Trip Around The World'-sessions and others that are interested, there is a great opportunity! As a research trip committee, we organize a unique personal development 24-hours trip at the famous monastery in Vught from 17-18 December (if circumstances permit it). Beforehand we will have a virtual kick-off in November (November 23th from 16:30-18:00) as a warm-up for this event. We will be in good hands of coaches Ezra & Annemiek, who are preparing an excellent program. Ezra: "In the 24 hours that we will spend together. We will try to create a context to let you think about the most essential questions in your (working) life. Let us surprise you!"

Interested? Save the date!

There is a maximum amount of 20 persons that we have place for, so we will select the group based on your application. You will receive a link to a questionnaire that you have to fill in to complete your registration. We will try to make a diverse group of people but take into account how many 'Digital Trip Around The World'-sessions you attended.

Note that participation of this event will not be taken into account for selection in new research trips in the coming years and also we don't take into account your participation in previous research trips in the selection of this event.


  • October 19th: Registration open
  • November 4th: Registration closed
  • November 9th: Participants published
  • November 23th: Virtual Kick-Off
  • December 17th: Corporate Retreat (until December 18th)




As long as the (partial) lockdown is in place, we do not organise activities in real life. All activities organised within this period will take place online. Did you register for this activity or are you planning to do so? Please stay tuned via our website and via e-mail for all updates on whether or not this activity will take place. Are you curious to which (online) activities we organise? Please visit the activities page on 

Aanvang: donderdag 17 december 2020 om 10:00
Organiserende commissie Studiereiscommissie
Inschrijven vanaf: maandag 19 oktober 2020 om 09:00
Inschrijven t/m: woensdag 4 november 2020 om 23:00

Kloosterhotel ZIN - Boxtelseweg 58, 5261 NE Vught

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"Mijn lidmaatschap bij Jong Rabo was een bijzonder grote meerwaarde in mijn Rabobankcarrière.
De door mij gevolgde activiteiten bij Jong Rabo waren altijd energizing”

Femke Oude Geerdink – Voormalig Commissielid Jong Rabo